San Francisco VC firm eyes Lithuanian FinTech investment

San Francisco VC firm eyes Lithuanian FinTech investment

Venture capital startup Launchpad Capital is investing up to $35m in early-stage Lithuanian startups who are looking to break into the North American market.

Live Q&A: How Fintechs can enable the remote economy?

With so many people practising social distancing or working from home, Fintech’s power to provide financial services remotely could be a key factor in carrying on ‘business as usual’ in the time of coronavirus.

The panel tackled exactly this question – looking at Fintech’s unique ability to help in the current crisis, and also examining the possible challenges posed to the Fintech sector itself.

Many thanks to experts from the Bank of Lithuania, Railsbank and Revel Systems for taking part in this fascinating and lively discussion!

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Where is the smart VC money investing in fintech?

From Open Banking to a more “science fiction” take on VC investing in fintech. Live from FinovateEurope, we speak to Pascal Bouvier, Venture Partner, Santander Innoventures. For more interviews with fintech and technology pioneers, visit

Who are venture capitalist and Angel investors.

Angel investors:
An angel investor is an individual who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. Angel investors usually give support to start-ups at the initial moments and when most investors are not prepared to back them.

Venture capitalist:
Venture capital is a form of private equity financing that is provided by venture capital firms or funds to startups, early-stage, and emerging companies that have been deemed to have high growth potential or which have demonstrated high growth.

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How Venture Capitalists Value Fintech Companies?

How Venture Capitalists value fintech companies? There are several ways venture capitalists (VCs) and firms find value in the fintech companies they invest in. For example, some VCs love to see large total addressable markets (TAMs) and low customer acquisition costs (CACs), while others highly value potential client reach and recurring revenue.

Which metrics are often used to identify fintech value?
Watch the video to find out!