Saphron said to secure $1m seed round

Saphron said to secure $1m seed round

Saphron, a Philippines-based InsurTech company has reportedly netted SGD 1.35m ($1m) in seed funding. This equity round was deployed by FinTech-focused venture capital firm Sage and startup investor Talino Labs, according to a report from e27. The InsurTech company helps to protect the various things in a consumer’s daily life so they do not have […]

Why I don’t look at the team (initially) in analyzing pre-seed investment opportunities?

I received a cold-email from Alvian who asked me how I invest based on team when a company barely has any revenue and how do I know a person is the right person to invest in?

Most investors will tell you early stage investing is all about TEAM TEAM TEAM. I don’t. I don’t even look at the team when I’m looking at a deck to decide whether to take a meeting.

Find out why and what I try to figure out instead.

How to Raise Pre-Seed & Seed Startup Funds – Intro

Less than 1% of startup pitches result in funding. While most entrepreneurs over-emphasize pitch decks, smart founders focus on fundability. Successful founders follow a proven five-step process to efficiently raise Pre-seed and Seed funds for their early-stage startup. This webinar replay dives into important keys to raise early-stage funds, including:

1. Fundability
2. Due diligence and legal pitfalls
3. Financial projections and models
4. Funding strategy
5. Inflection points and funding milestones
6. Idea validation
7. Traction metrics
8. Pitch effectiveness and tracking
9. Negotiating term sheets

Attendees will learn the Prepare, Plan, Execute, Sell, and Close (PPESC) process to effectively build a fundable startup and close Pre-Seed and Seed funding. Watch all 6 videos to get the entire class!

Fundable Startups provides coaching, training and tools to help entrepreneurs build healthy, fundable companies. Tired of startup soundbites that sound good but aren’t actionable? We dive deep with our premium, visual training, focusing not just on what to do and why, but also how. Our content is built by Sam Wong, a five-time entrepreneur with three exits, author, and startup instructor. Our subscribers and followers regularly tell us that our training and content is among the best they’ve found.

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How We CLOSED OUR PRE-SEED ROUND and raised $1 MILLION (!!) | First-time Startup Founder

This might be the most exciting video I’ve had a privilege of recording in 2022! We closed our pre-seed round for Rella (!!) With only 2% of female founders being venture backed, I find this a bit more exciting. I am so proud of our team. Join us on your journey. And thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring this video. Get 10% off your first purchase using code NATALIEBARBU or go to

Podcast episode for my journey raising capital:

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How to Raise a Seed Round

This is a 28min video guide/tips on raising a seed round/capital for your startup.

To set some context, I’ve personally raised a handful of seed financing, and at SendBird, we’ve collectively raised over $120M in funding to-date across multiple rounds. Hopefully, this video can provide a bit of guidance and tips on how to raise a seed round at the beginning of your journey.

This session covers 5 topics:
1. What is a seed round?
2. The mechanics of seed round
3. What to pitch at seed round
4. Learn & run a tight process
5. Closing & afterwards

* Disclaimer/excuse: Nothing’s really been edited other than inserting the titles.. and it’s a one shot video.. but I’m just lazy to increase the production quality of the video.. just yet.. Maybe it’ll be different in the future.. 😉